The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing for 2017

Steve Barbarich is a well known internet marketing consultant and owner of several ecommerce websites that are making huge profits each year. Being a consultant, he believes that there is no surefire method to increase sales however; there are baseline internet marketing strategies where everyone could start from.

Enhancing a website’s popularity around the internet is a daunting task, as there are a lot of factors to consider, not mentioning that every marketing strategy is a gamble to take. Some marketing strategies may work for a specific ecommerce website but it will not work for yours. This is the reason why a business owner needs to be wise in making a budget for each marketing strategy, and be attentive to details to figure out working marketing campaigns.

And yet, while he enjoys the high sales he’s been achieving, he’s not satisfied. His weekend soccer jaunts aren’t enough to bring him the good feelings for which he’s been searching. Indeed, he’s found this in philanthropy.

Steve Barbarich believes that there are basics to any kinds of activities, which is also same with internet marketing. Here is the list of marketing campaigns and why it is important.

Choosing the right keyword and optimizations

We all know how to use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing; all we do is type a particular word or phrase and it will show a list of websites related to it. Choosing the right keyword for your website is very critical as it will be the ones used by people to find you. According to Steve, the most suitable keyword for an ecommerce website should be the most related to your line of business, and what common people remembers. You also need to check the keyword competition by using different tools, for you to know if you can outrank the website based on your content and link building strategy.

Website optimization comes next after choosing the keyword. What Steve Barbarich suggests is to have a website that is easy to navigate, understand, fast loading page, and user friendly. An ecommerce website also needs to be search engine friendly, so you need to work on Meta tags, descriptions, contents, page titles, URL and more. If you are not familiar on these, better hire an SEO consultant and web designer.

Social media campaign and promos

Your keyword campaign hand in hand with your website’s content could bring traffic and sales. Nevertheless, a businessman should never stop in growing! Social media like facebook, twitter, and youtube etc. is a place where in you can get a steady stream of traffic and customers, while promos can be used to lure them to your site. Steve Barbarich believes that taking care of your reputation on these social media sites is the same with getting more sales. It’s actually not a bad idea to be aggressive when it comes to your marketing campaign, but you should also need to place your self in the shoe of your customers; knowing how they feel will give you more ideas on what to improve on your social media marketing and also with the promos you give out.

These simple internet marketing strategies are the backbone of any successful online business. You will surely make your way up by following the fundamentals and it will enable you to create your very own advance marketing campaign.