Steven Barbarich Believes in Giving to Cause-Related Organizations

Haven’t heard of Steve Barbarich yet? If not, you certainly will. Soon. For Steven Barbarich is making a name for himself not only in e-commerce, but also in philanthropy, believing wholeheartedly that he must give back to the world as he builds his empire.

Steven Barbarich majored in engineering and graduated from the prestigious Harvey Mudd College. He went on to become an inventor, author and CEO in the retail/e-commerce realms. Not long after graduating college, he wrote The Complete Manual on How to Make Money from Your Inventions and Patents, an instant success on He also launched AbsolutelyNew, a consumer product company and leader in patenting products and getting them into stores to sell.

Steve Barbarich E-Commerce Sites Offer Amazing Sales Support and Customer Service

Steve Barbarich started his first e-commerce venture, after he had a horrid experience shopping online for furniture. Here, he purchased an item from a so-called reputable company and its sales staff told him it would absolutely fit in his home and that he’d have no trouble bringing it in. These turned out to be entirely false; all he was left with was a “Sorry,” and an item for which he had no use. Angry at this outcome, he decided to forge a team of knowledgeable salespeople and friendly, helpful customer service personnel and start his own company. Now, before an employee starts working for him, this person undergoes exceptional, intense training to make certain s/he knows the intricacies of all the products Steven Barbarich sells.

And yet, while he enjoys the high sales he’s been achieving, he’s not satisfied. His weekend soccer jaunts aren’t enough to bring him the good feelings for which he’s been searching. Indeed, he’s found this in philanthropy.

Steven Barbarich Helps the Environment and Local Non-Profits

As soon as Hurricane Rita and Ike hit in 2005, Steve Barbarich knew he had to help the poor people in the Gulf Coast region that were left without food, shelter, water and clothing. So he decided to donate a portion of his spa sales to a national cause-related organization, the American Red Cross, and also locally through the Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health. Feeling great about this, he’s now dedicated himself to giving more.

For example, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, 2009, he donated money so that women who couldn’t afford mammograms would get them. This, he thought, was a terrific cause, so he called the Mills-Peninsula Breast Centers in San Mateo and South San Francisco and asked what a good donation would be –which he happily gave. “Breast cancer is a horrible disease, and time is of the essence in finding it. So if early detection can occur, the better it is for the woman,” says Steven Barbarich. “Indeed, without early intervention comes almost assured death – so if I can help prevent that, shouldn’t I?”